Lilla Huset has visited all the cottages on the website and can give you all the information you need.

I know the area in Småland very well and will assist you by the reservation.

Laggaretorp, Bolmstad
Malmeryd, Bolmstad
Rosendal, Bolmsö
Hus Inge (stora), Flattinge
Hus Inge (lilla), Flattinge


About Lilla Huset

My name is Susanne Pilarp and I run Lilla Huset i Småland  Additional to that I take in new houses for StayNordic.

So if you have a house which you want to rent out, do not hesitate to contact me. 

Susanne Pilarp
Lilla Huset i Småland
Hörda 54, SE-34152 Lagan
Tel. +46(0)738134074





















Hus Axel, Urshult
Frankanäs, Åsnen
Milleboda, Ryd